Frequently Asked Questions


The suitability of a site will depend on the geology of the area and your water requirements. The Geology and level of the water table will determine at what depth water can be found and in what quantities. Full investigations will take place in order for us to judge the suitability of your site.

Each borehole is different therefore we cannot provide a set price, purpose.  The cost will depend on the geology and the depth to which the borehole needs to be drilled.

A detailed no obligation quote will be given prior to any works commencing at your property.

The drilling rigs we use are the size of a small lorry/van which would usually be transported by a wagon and low loader. One of our site supervisors will visit your site to ensure that there will be no access issues and that you fully understand the processes involved.

The finished well can be above or below ground level, although we prefer to finish above, in line with environment agency advice. This minimises the risk of contamination to the well from run off containing slurry, chemicals, fuels etc. Housing or custom designed cover will be installed.

Approx 4/5 days residencial.

It is impossible to 100% guarantee that water can be found at a given site. Water and water quality cannot be guaranteed however  it is possible to gain a prognosis through an independent Hydrogeologist.

The key element to minimise the risk is to obtain as much information as possible prior to committing to a drilling programme, hence the recommendation that a borehole prognosis be obtained. Whilst this is not a guarantee of success, it can highlight risk at an early stage. There will always be an element of risk that no water will be found, and this needs to be fully understood by all parties.

In most cases yes it is, but sometimes minerals and pollutants can be found. Where the water is to be used for drinking we would have the water tested to show the content. If contaminants are found a filter can be installed to ensure safe drinking water is supplied.

A flow is a test performed to determine the maximum rate at which a borehole or well fills with water under typical conditions.